Structural Engineering

Encompassing structural analysis

Within the range of structural framework together with our partner companies we possess competence and experience during for decades. Within the field of building construction the experience is reaching from A like “Art gallery” till W like “Windmill powered plant”. But also in the field of Construction Engineering we can exhibit a multiplicity of successfully running projects of varying size and conceptual requirements.

Our knowledge encompasses all classic and modern building materials and construction methods (like timber-, steel-, composite-, glass, reinforced or prestressed concrete constructions) as well as the refurbishment of existing structures.

Verifiable static calculations in according to the current norms, technologies and latest achievements are our daily work, and of course we can deliver further calculations like for example the verification of the necessary fire resistance of a building.

Working planning

Based on architectural plans and structural calculations we prepare operational drawings like steel construction- or reinforcement plans for use on the construction site. Inside the corporate network this will be done by highly skilled draftsman and cilvil engnieers, in close cooperation with the structural designer.

On-site inspection

Of course we also offer all kinds of on-site inspections like for example the controlling of the reinforcement before the concreting process is allowed.

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